Pranav & Niral’s Robotics in PAP School (Singapore) July 2017.

July 18, 2017

On our venture to teach robotics to kindergarten kids. Today on 18th July 2017, ¬†Niral conducted the 2nd class on Robotics in PAP school. Managed 16 kids to encourage to participate in Robotics learning session, it was full of excitement from teacher to students. Kibo runs on instruction, we created a storyboard where kids need […]


July 17, 2016

Though it was weekday but we tried to make it more special by baking cake and decorating it. And indeed it was yummy cake. Few of mumma ‘s friend came in the morning and gave her yummy surprise ūüėä. In the evening we 3 went out for dinner. Last but not least my Friends ¬†saanvi […]


New cycle track

July 17, 2016

Our first cycling experience on new cycle track. It starts from ang mo kio mrt to bishan mrt. Singapore prime minister Mr. Lee Hsien Loong came and did opening ceremony. It was great to see things developing around and ang mo kio is one of the best place in Singapore ūüėä


Holi 2016

March 19, 2016

Celebration of Holi 2016 @ Sentosa and at Lakshmi Narayan Temple  


iLight 2016 @ Marina Bay

March 4, 2016

Lights all around, amazing festival where all sorts of light celebration took place every year, thanks to Singapore government for organizing such an amazing show. Whatever you do, have food first.  

AirShow (11)

Air Show 2016

February 20, 2016

If not flying machines, what else can give energy to a young chap. Adi was flying more then the planes in the show. This time we manage to capture satellites and it was awesome.


Happy Diwali 2015

November 8, 2015

Celebrating Diwali 2015.


Prachi’s Birthday

October 25, 2015

From Aditya’s school corner Prachi is having birthday celebration and we are part of that. Here come the Birthday Celebration video  


Lego Town

October 24, 2015

We build Lego Home, Lego Minion and Lego Space rocket.


KOI – AdiPraNir’s FavoTime

October 24, 2015

Born in 2006 in Taiwan, KOI is known to carry Taiwan’s cultural bubble tea elements. And having close to 50 cafe’s in world KOI is not only well appreciated bubble tea makers but they are AdiPraNir’s favourite too, we have literally enjoyed those¬†bubbles many many many time. ¬†Love ya KOI. And here is a video.


Funtime @ City Square Mall

October 23, 2015

Having train ride and fun time in playground in City Square Mall.


Adi Love Saanvi

October 23, 2015

He is in bus full of people, but he don’t afraid to declare his love, that’s Adi who loves Saanvi JEM (Jain). And ya on special note, he don’t love any other friend, that’s what he says. So basically his idea is to create heart shaped love card for Saanvi to give her..


Wright brothers – we made Plane

October 18, 2015

We build it from readily available die-cut plane material, we nail it, glue it…and it’s paint time…we love it..


Dandia 2015 – Hougang

October 17, 2015

Yup, we had Dandia celebration with our “Juna ane Janita” friends.



October 13, 2015

We do lot’s of experiment with Lego, but at the end we build ha..


Bye bye Sofa

October 12, 2015

It was Pintu Shah who send sms to us, “does any one want brand new conditioned sofa??”. And it came home with help of Sanket and Darwin. There are tons and tons of memories. From Adity’s 1st seating place to sleeping place to love and fight on this sofa, those great movie time with popcorn […]


Symphony in botanical garden

October 11, 2015

We happen to be there, when 90 over musicians performs in harmony… you will fall in love.


Anna’s story time

October 11, 2015

The best time is story time for kids and it would be great if there is a play time after the story.

Farewell to Krish, Khushbu and Amit

October 10, 2015

Yup they are leaving us, sad but happy for them as they are starting new life in Banglore, progressive change is always good.


World Map

October 4, 2015

A Map, where all the countries of world resides. After seeing world map, 1st question from Aditya was, why there is no flag for the planet earth where we live!


Dandia 2015 -ChaiChee

October 3, 2015

We did celebrated Dandia in ChaiChee lane.


The Martian Movie

October 1, 2015

Our loooooong awaited movie, The Martian, finally watch it 1st day of the launch. It was late night movie show but Lil Astronaut Adi did enjoy as well. ‚ÄúThey say once you grow crops somewhere, you have officially ‚Äėcolonised‚Äô it. So technically, I colonised Mars.¬†In your face, Neil Armstrong!‚Ä̬†‚Äē Andy Weir, The Martian


We love it a lot, cutie Scooter.

September 30, 2015

How good if we can have fresh colours on our vehicles, we made scooter. And we love it.


New bike, e-Bike.

September 27, 2015

The day has come and finally we bought echo friendly e-bike or Electronic Bike. it’s cool and can serve average 15 KM per charge, every week you need to charge 1 night a week. e-Bike video  


ummm…Music, I am loving it..

September 26, 2015

We were fortunate enough to spend some time with this sentury’s greatest music listener.


Lantern festival 2015

September 26, 2015

We happen to be in Bishan(Our beloved Bishan Ang Mo Kio) park, and guess what, we found out we are NOT alone…



September 23, 2015

When you are in Sahara, you need to have two things 1 is Jeep and 2nd is Patrol, buddy.


We call it Police Car

September 20, 2015

What ever vehicle it is, we gonna have police to ride this wheels.


Crane in Ang Mo Kio

September 15, 2015

We build a crane, so we can do construction.


Gas station.

September 15, 2015

We manage to setup a store together with gas station, yup we are OPEN.


Ally The Elephant

September 15, 2015

We, Lego and our Elephant.


Adi’s 4th Birthday in School (Sparkletots – PAP)

September 14, 2015

School time is best time in our life, any celebration is memorable. We celebrated Adi’s 4th birthday with his class-flowers.


House of Beauty

September 12, 2015

Yup, it’s girly girl’s home, it’s cool!


Birth of Chameleon

September 12, 2015

Niral and Adi’s creation, A Chameleon.


Ang Mo Kio, PAP victory function.

September 12, 2015

On Singapore’s 50th celebration, PAP wins majority seats, they wish every one to participate in this celebration. We did.


Home made House

September 11, 2015

We did it, we made our 1st house with double glass door and roof-top seating area, glass kitchen and more. We like house to be in white colour.


Vivo city shopping mall

September 11, 2015

Best place to learn driving in Singapore, Vivo City.. We did ask NASA, how do you train young astronauts?? This was 1st lesson… Round and round.. around orbit.


Hot Wheel for Hot Kids.

September 10, 2015

Adi got a gift, HotWheel for walls. Thank you Lad, Jay Nirmala Aunty and Pintubhai.


B’day gift, Red bike, Adi’s new traveller.

September 10, 2015

There you go, when you are a boy and have a new vehicle in hand… you are rocking man.


Now we are happy

September 9, 2015

Adi got his 4th birthday gift from PraNir, not only he we all are happy, it’s our bread and butter you know!!!


Niral’s creation – Cake for Adi’s 4thBday

September 8, 2015

To celebrate Aditya’s 4th birhtday, Niral have fuyoooh idea.


Our 1st attempt on new Lego, Tractor

September 8, 2015

Yup, we did follow instruction, we build tractor in 1st half hour from the moment we open our Oxygen(lego) box.



September 8, 2015

Let’s make money and buy few places in different countries. It’s fun.

Adi4thBirthday (22)

Happy 4th Birthday “Aditya”

September 8, 2015

Great location and with people of my small world, I seen my self turning in to 4. – Aditya.


Adi’s 4th B’day ReturnGift Prepration

September 5, 2015

Great products are an efforts of brain work, hard work, tons and tons of research, numerous failures, willingness, vision and much more happiness. This period is our life’s best time every year when we start designing return gift for Aditya’s birthday, we always got extreme amount of energy when we start working on these projects. […]


Martian Travetor

September 2, 2015

You will need this, to hang around on Mars.


Boat engineering.

September 2, 2015

A safety boat, which is designed to save drowning peoples life.


Date with Donut

August 30, 2015

We 3 had very serious conversation, Me Adi and that Chocolate donut. Gosh… we can talk about world’s poor economy with help of just one donut’s energy.


It’s a Idli time.

August 23, 2015

Having home made idli and sambhar is one of the best food, specially when Niral prepared it.


Car Transporter

August 10, 2015

It’s very big, very huge, it can carry lots of cars.


SG 50 National Day, – MarinaBay

August 9, 2015

Fire, Lights, Sound of blasts… and we celebrated 50th National day of Singapore. A great country is a representation of great leader.


Martian Boat

August 7, 2015

Our robotic creation, MartianBoat.


BishanAngMoKio-Water Play

August 7, 2015

Time to give time to water, in park, Bishan AMK Park



June 15, 2015

Visit to Jurong bird park


Shilpaji~Satishji bye bye

June 13, 2015

You will be missed guys.

L.E.G.O again

June 13, 2015

We believe we are infected with Legomnia…  


SEA Games 2015

June 6, 2015

First SEA Games was held in Bangkok from 12 to 17 December 1959. It comprised of the southeast Asian countries, 12 sports and 650 athletes and officials. After a 22-year long hiatus, The Southeast Asian Games once again return to Singapore in June 2015.Previously hosting the Games in 1973, 1983 and 1993, Singapore‚Äôs fourth time […]


Botanic Garden

May 24, 2015 We had great picnic at botanic garden today, visited after such a long time. Still it’s beautiful. We enjoyed nature.  


Anna’s story, girl is safe in pumpkin.

May 18, 2015

Anna’s story time, this time we were in Bishan Sand Park, we enjoyed a story where a little girl roll in pumpkin from her granny’s house to her home back.


WestMall – Jurong -March2015

May 11, 2015

A good mall on west, we had fun in kid’s play area, this is the place where we bought Adi’s new swimming costume, so he can have fun in water.


Mother’s day @ KailashParbat – May 2015

May 11, 2015

What is every Indian mom’s favorite dish! GolGappa (pani puri) if you don’t believe show this pics to her and see her watery mouth. We had good celebration for Mother’s day 2015.


Santosa- Adventure Cove May2015

May 9, 2015

Had a lots of fun … lots and lots of fun with family, best friend and zillion of tons of water…


Indoor camping

May 1, 2015

When you want to spend your night in tent, but still don’t want to leave your home. You only need three things,1) 2 bed sheets¬†2) creativity and 3) crazy,¬†supportive family. ¬†¬†en ¬†


Holi 2015

March 6, 2015

Holi Celebration 2015 – @ Laxmi Narayan Temple (Little India)  


31st December 2014 @ Marina Bay

December 31, 2014

Welcoming 2015, bye bye 2014.


X’mas 2014 @ VivoCity

December 20, 2014

Happy visit to Vivi City on X’mas holidays.


Adi’s 3rd Happy Birthday

September 8, 2014


Breakfast @ Bishan park 2014

February 8, 2014

Best Picnic-Breakfast place is Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park


Fun in Botanic Garden

February 1, 2014

We had good time with water, sand nature and friends…Picnic in Botanic Garden ¬†¬† ¬† ¬†


Kankaria – India

December 15, 2013

Morning walk in Kankaria, Ahmedabad.

EcpWithAMKgang (7)

ECP with AMK Gang

October 8, 2013


Adi’s 2nd Happy Birthday

September 8, 2013



July 20, 2013

We had good chance to view practice/preparation of Singapore’s National Day.

Katha2013 (3)
Katha2014 (4)
ZooWithHriday (9)

Zoo with Hriday

February 21, 2013


2013-Tour to Langkawi

January 28, 2013


Jungle Tandoor

January 1, 2013

Yeh, It’s a restaurant located at little India, Singapore and AdiPraNir paid visit to try out ambiance and delicious punjabi food. Worth¬†eating food in this jungle.


Relaxing at Bintan – Indonesia.

December 24, 2012

The best way to connect to Bintan is a ferry, we did use it too, 1+ hours journey and that’s all. Once you are in any resort of Bintan, you are relaxed.


Arya’s 4th Birthday

December 3, 2012

Celebrating Arya’s 4th Birthday Party.


1st School – Apple Tree

October 20, 2012

Memories of Aditya’s 1st school – Apple Tree.

1AdiKanudo (4)

Adi – Krishna

October 19, 2012


Aditya 1st year PhotoShoot @ Bishan

May 8, 2012

Photo time at 1st year @ Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park.


Time for New Toy

March 18, 2012

Aditya’s time with his new Toy.


Time with PlayGym

January 30, 2012

Aditya is having exercise with play gym.

MarinaSands2012 (5)

Visit – Marina Sands 2012

December 15, 2011

MUMMY-Bishan (4)