WestMall – Jurong -March2015

By admin, May 11, 2015

A good mall on west, we had fun in kid’s play area, this is the place where we bought Adi’s new swimming costume, so he can have fun in water.

IMG_20150320_161456 IMG_20150320_161513 IMG_20150320_161537 IMG_20150320_164032 IMG_20150320_165706 IMG_20150320_171156 IMG_20150320_171224 IMG_20150320_171228 IMG_20150320_175113 IMG_20150320_175116 IMG_20150320_180534 IMG_20150320_180546 IMG_20150320_180553 IMG_20150320_180600 IMG_20150320_180609 IMG_20150320_180624

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