Water science-what dissolve in water?

By Niral JOSHI, August 5, 2015

Its been so long time I have not uodated anything..hut finally today get some free time to update what we did in past few weeks…

Last month we focused on water science…we did two activities related to this topic..here is one


You will need


Water and other things mention in photo which is pretty much available in every household.

We took small jars or containers which is available in our house. I set out all elements in disposable bowl so that its easy for Aditya to see recognize and take it.


I told him to pour water in each container

After that aditya added all the different elements to the containers filled with water and stirred them to see whether its dissolved or not. noe


Out of all salt and sugar dissolve first. We took oil too but after mixing it with water it separated and float above the water when it was left alone and still. One more thing we notoced that backin soda and cornstarch dissolved in the water but not fully and sets under the water..



I choose all items which is available in kitchen but next time may b I will ask aditya to pick items and do experiment.it would be more fun..

What do you think?

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