Water pressure

By admin, August 5, 2015


Sharing you another water experiment activity which we have done recently.

Things you will need
Big bowl or container
yogurt container or any plastic container which has tight lid on it
push pin or anything sharp which can poke holes in container.I used screw driver

I asked Aditya to turn over the container and poke few holes with the help of the screw driver but as its hard I helped him to poke some.


We did this experiment in the bathroom so that its less messy. We filled bucket with water and I asked him to turn the container right side up and immersed in the water. Once its full we closed it with the lid tightly.  When I took the container out of water Aditya was very curious to see the magic ☺ and waiting for shower from container . He said mumma its magic. Than I expalined him that because the lid is tightly closed and there is no space for air to go somewhere it holds the water and won’t let water to drip from holes..


Than I reveled the magic trick and slightly opend the lid of the container. He was so surprised. By opening the lid (or u can poke small hole on lid )you give space to air to go out of container and once its gone there is no air in container which hold water and so why water could fall frim the holes.


After our experiment Aditya started playing with it and tried to do it by himself .He enjoyed it lot

I took his water bottle and asked him to immersed it up side down in the bucket full of water. It took a while for him to do so. Its same air pressure applies here too. Air is holding water going inside the bottle. But when you hold bottle little slant ( shown in pic) you allow air to go out side and water can go inside the bottle. He said mumma it makes”blup blup” sound I said exactly thats how you know that air is coming out and making sould “blup blup”:D



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