SG50 celebration :)

By admin, August 10, 2015

on 9th Aug Singapore celebrated its 50th birthday and we were so excited that we are celebrating  SG 6 in singapore. We happily finished our 6th year in Singapore..I have special attachment with this land and I will be always great full to this country for providing us better opportunity to live happily peacefully.  So glad to be a part of it.
On this secial occasion there were lots of celebration and thus aditya school did national day celebration where they have to wear red and white representing singapore flag. I bought new pair for him..He was excited to wear ans go to school. These are few photos before and after school..



one more thing I would like to share is we play riddles most of the times while going to the school. Today he asked me that mummma today I wanted to ask you one question its about singapore red and white it has crescent shape and has 5 starts what is that? I was surprised and happy at the same time:)

Apart from this on 9th Aug we went to see fireworks with friends at Marina bay sands. We went there during its practice but yo be there on very special day makes it more special..


Indeed a day filled with full on fun …

Love u more …

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