School’s 3rd project.. garden creature

By Niral JOSHI, September 16, 2015

I am updating after so had been very busy month for me..Aditya’ s birthday school and house cleaning keeps me busy all the time…
Aditya had school term break for one week and school has given us project to create garden creature by using recycle things…
Yeye helped me to get egg container from wet market..he is such a sweet soul…I am blessed to have such a good neighbor…early morning he passed me egg container and said “yeye.. have to get it for my lil boy”
Adi did his routine ( milk and breakfast. .potty pipi..and so on :p) and we set on to colour caterpillar ( I already cut the container in shape of caterpillar before he wakes up).. For butterfly (which I was not intended to make ..aditya wanted to make it so no choice) for its body I used toilet roll and made wings out of black construction paper..aditya did random painting on it…we were left with small toilet roll and so made it small caterpillar out of it…
Start of happy morning …hope to have happy day ahead… 🙂


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