Blast off game!!!

By Niral JOSHI, June 19, 2015

Aditya likes to play with lego and bricks a lot..rockets and busters are always his favorite things to do whenever it comes to pretend playing. .I was looking for some fun game to play with him which includes his interest and at same time he can learn new things..came across to this DIY blast off game and made it with my lil one..


Took 3 white sheet of paper and stick them all with sticky tape ( thats what he calls it) and made big rectangle and assume as a galaxy….we drew snake shape so that can include some numbers in it..I guided him to colour one number green and one number blue.. odd number green and even number blue ( yet to explain him whats odd and even..this is just to give him idea) we drew all 9 planets..its fun doing it..made lego rockets as a counters for each of us…its a fun doing all these with Aditya..he totally loved it..planning to include some cards which have some questions about planets and  galaxy. .




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